strategies for finding ancestors

strategies for finding ancestors

Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist who has run into the proverbial brick wall, or you’re a newbie who has just begun exploring your family history, connecting with other people who are also researching your family, your collaborative cousins, can be quite enlightening. How do we reach out to our collaborative cousins?

One way is to have your DNA tested. One of the benefits of DNA testing is the database that you’re entered into is the same database your collaborative cousins are entered into as well – assuming they had their DNA tested, too.  The fun begins when you “see” each other as DNA connections occur and communication begins between you and your cousin to find your most common recent ancestor.

However, for those researching their family history without exploring their DNA, here are suggested strategies from an interesting site, Stack Exchange, that we found:

  • Set Up Your Own Genealogy Blog Or Website

    • Many of us use Facebook to reach out to others researching the same family (if you do, continue to!) but when you set up a separate site or blog of your own,  you accomplish one very important thing: search engines will index your blog or site that contains the names of your ancestors. What that means is when someone is researching your family (their family!) and they use Google or Bing (or other search engines), your site will appear. This can prove quite fruitful when collaborative cousins you’ve not heard from before begin to contact you.
      • For those of you new to setting up your own website or blog, we recommend using Google Site. It’s free and easy to use. Click here for a great tutorial.
  • Other great suggestions that we saw were to visit these sites:

Last but not least, there were other genealogical Q&As at Stack Exchange that might relate to you. Be sure to check it out!