new genealogy sources

new genealogy sources

“Imagine a search engine that simply removed the top 1 million most popular web sites from its index. What would you discover?” – Million Short.

A New Way to Research Family History Online

When you research family history online, most likely you’re using Google to do it. According to Internet marketing company Karma Snack, 88.8% of all worldwide Interent searches are done through Google. And for those of you that choose Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines, you and your fellow Google users should check out Million Short.

What’s the difference? Why use another search engine to seek new genealogy sources? Because when you type in your search string, you’ll see results that you wouldn’t normally see. Search engine results like Google’s are based on the most popular websites. Million Short lets you select how many popular results to ignore – from none, to 100, up to 1,000,000. Give it a try! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results when you enter the same search string for the 100th time hoping something new will appear.

Now it might. Watch the video: